Holden Management Services have a very straight forward agenda - to work with and for our client. We are not sponsored by a manufacturer, nor have allegiance to any particular supplier or contractor. Quite simply, we are employed by YOU to advise YOU and protect the interest of YOU. Therefore, our services reflect our comitment and professionalism as YOUR Project Manager

The project manager will need to work with anyone involved in the build. This will include building control officers, conservation officers and any other environmental representatives. They will also need to interact constantly with the design team to deal with any design issues or alterations which may occur.

The Self-Build Guide Books

The Self-Build Guide books are compiled from over 4 decades of construction experience and cover much of what is needed to manage your own 'Self-Build'*. Irrelevant of the size or scope of work, these books are a proven resource to anyone undertaking a building project.

Build Consultancy

Vince represents a rarity in the construction industry; someone passionate about their trade, experienced and skilled in the hands on work and dedicated to enabling others to learn the skills and knowledge they need to achieve their construction dreams.


Often making guest speaches at home build and rennovation events, Vince also leads his own seminars and tutorials across a variety of topics. More recently writing and publishing two of his own books; The self builders guide to project management & The self builders guide to the construction phase.

The Build Advice Service will provide anyone undertaking a building project no matter how large or small with the knowledge they need to remain in control, be it with legislation and other professionals at design stage or to manage the contractors during the build.


Vince’s advice service is provided on a bespoke basis; you may simply need remote advice that can be given over the phone or by email. You may need help deciding on what materials or methods to use, that could be provided at one meeting and then communicated remotely.

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