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The added assurance of a Build Consultant

What is a Build Consultant really worth?

Vince Holden has extensive knowledge in both the mechanics and technologies of build, coupled with his experience in most matters regarding regulations, procedures and legislations.

His Chartered status qualifies him to offer professional services at most build levels.

There are lots of Self-builders out there who know what they want to build, want to manage the works themselves so do not feel they need a professional Project manager, but do not really know how to go about it.

If this situation is not controlled then lots of stumbling and fire-fighting could ensue resulting in avoidable costs.

Turning to a Build Consultant to hold their hand and advise through the elements which they are unsure of but who would step back during the parts that they are confident in, is an investment in both time and cost saving.

The size of the job is immaterial; it is the size of the works in relation to your knowledge that dictates the relevance of professional assistance, and therefore the benefits to be gained by employing a Build Consultant


Vince Holden MCIOB

+44 (0) 7815 144959

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