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Roof Coverings on, Windows in and Brick Skin Started

The roof covering is clay plain tiles, so with this amount of area, the works take two weeks. There is a ‘flat top’ with roof lights to this roof which has to be also covered, in this case with GRP which is my covering of choice if there is a lot of detailing (around roof-lights etc)

The beautiful timber windows are fitted at this stage, which is different to Masonry construction where they are fitted once the brick/block superstructure is complete. Brickies simply build up to them. The challenge then is to protect the windows whilst other trades are completing, so the extra effort is worth it!

Since we only have a single brick skin, brickwork is swift, and the building soon starts to look almost complete from the outside.

Internally, once the building is wind and water tight, the insulation and airtightness measures can be completed. In this case, the Timber Frame co (MBC) provide the entire package to the extent of conducting the actual air-test when the time comes. This makes for a very ‘tidy’ element with MBC responsible for reaching an agreed airtightness result. Once completed, the 1st fix elements can commence.

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