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Book Release! The Self-Builders Guide to Project Management

About the Book

Written from the constructor's perspective, with useful advice, this book will familiarize you with construction management fundamentals and provide you with the everyday knowledge required to develop, plan and manage your project.

The Self-Builder's Guide to Project Managementexplains the process step-by-step and is designed to help you turn your dream into reality.

This is not a book about how to build your own house, it will not explain how to lay bricks, the correct mix of concrete or how to work out the plumb cut on a rafter. There are many publications both in books or on line to explain these mechanics.

This book will teach you how to manage the build of your home. It will explain the different Building Regulations and your responsibilities regarding Health and Safety. It will guide you through the process of creating the right documents, to get real, accurate quotations for the works and then how to make sure you have found the best people for the job. It will go on to differentiate between the content of say the ground works package and the Brickworks contractor. I will explain the importance of a SAP calculation (Energy Performance), whether or not you need a Party Wall agreement, and much more. In short, each and every step to having your home built efficiently and correctly, with the knowledge required.

You will be the Project Manager!

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