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The Self-Builders Guide To The Construction Phase

Coming Soon

About the Book

In my previous book The Self-Builders Guide To Project Management I explored and explained many of the mechanisms involved to navigate the Pre-construction phase and therefore get you ready to tackle the construction works.

That’s where this book takes over! The Self-Builders Guide To The Construction Phase will use all of the knowledge gained of the Pre-construction elements, and put them into practice during the build process along with a valuable insight and guidance on how to deal with the works and contractors.

Without doubt, there is a huge amount of information required between the designer(s), client and builder and too many gaps in the collation of this information.

Therefore, as the scale of work increases from, say extensions and modernisations, up through large re-furbs and new builds, so does the importance for someone to glue it all together. This required management role escalates also with the inclusion of recent energy performance requirements, and most importantly the thirst of Mr & Mrs Self Build to build their own dream home with the inclusion of renewable technologies, and low running costs.

Using the knowledge gained from this book, you will be the one able to manage this process with confidence.

Each trade is discussed, with potential shortfalls highlighted so you can have the confidence to proceed through the construction phase with your nerves intact.

This book will not teach you say, how to lay bricks, but will provide the knowledge to ensure that the bricky is doing his job correctly.

We will address the CDM (Health & Safety) requirements along with pointers on energy performance issues such as air-tightness, cold bridging and many other elements that should be incorporated within the build.

I will teach you how to manage the site step by step and without drama.

The information in this book will enable you to construct the home of your dreams by placing you in complete control.

You will be the Construction Manager!

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