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Your 5 Step Check List

So you have decided on your project; Now what?

I see a vast number of clients who have decided on what they want to do, have the end result firmly imprinted in their minds and have even started thinking about how they might decorate their new space. Funnily enough, many of the things my clients have thought about at the point they decide on their project, aren't necessarily the most important at this stage and I often use a simple 5 step check list to get them thinking about the right things, right away.

1. The Planning Stage

Here you need to think about how you find an architect and which (of the many) will be right for both you and your project. This can be a tricky process and many are confused by the extensive choice available. Next, you need to think about the planning process,planning conditions and Building Regulations and make sure you are in touch with the right people.

2. Design

It is important that you have thought about aspects you will want to incorporate within the design of your build. This doesn't just mean the aesthetics of the building but also things such as energy performance and renewable technologies.

3. Construction Method

Many are led down a certain route by either architect or builder and often don't pay enough thought to the type of construction method that will be the best for their project. It can be difficult to decide whether to build in masonry, Timber Frame or other system build for example but a qualified advisor can help you with this.

4. Your Team

You are likely to be working with this team of people for a reasonable amount of time, you will also be trusting them with a your financial investment and they will be largely responsible for the end result of your project so choosing the right people is absolutely critical. Not only should you be considering the the expertise of your potential team but the way you want them to work and interact with you. Choices such as whether to use a 'builder' or a combination of contractors often leave people a little bemused.

5. Regulations etc

CDM, VAT, the list goes on and on, have you thought about how you will negotiate each of these potential challenges and do you know how to ensure you are getting the best value?

If you feel you need assistance with any of the above you can seek knowledgeable and experienced advice from Vince Holden. To find out more please get in touch.

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