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What's in a name?

I often ponder as to what is the best title for what I do for a living.

Construction Project Manager is the closest to explaining, but every Architect, Builder and their dogs call their services “Project Management” and to an extent, that is what they do.

However, whilst your average Architect knows the procedures of say Pre-commencement planning conditions, Building Regulations, Service enquiries and a whole load of spreadsheets and flow charts, does he know the nitty-gritty mechanics of build or how to deal with sub-contractors? No, probably not. Has he ever physically laid a brick to understand the correct consistency for mortar, planned the laying of a chipboard floor to minimise wastage, known the importance of having the materials dropped close to where they will be used? Of course not!

Then there is your Building Contractor, clearly he should know how to physically build the thing and deal with the subbies, but how much does he understand about modern sustainability and renewable technologies. Does he do his own take offs and understand cost control or does he simply employ a Q.S.?

Does he know and apreciate CDM legislation and when (or not) to submit an F10 form to HSE? What does he understand about uValues, Robust Details or SAP calcs?

Whilst exhibiting at the recent Homebuilding & Renovating show at Epsom, an Architect (Project Manager) came up to me and probed “what’s the difference between what you offer and what I do?” Quick as a flash my foot soldier Fergie retorted “Its obvious, we know how to build a house and you don’t!” Summed it all up for me

So.. bearing in mind that I have taken it upon myself to study, experience, understand and know all of the above and a whole lot more, I need a name to differentiate me from other “Project Managers” Construction Manager sounds like a glorified Site Agent (no offence) Mission Manager sounds like I should work for NASA Construction Scheme Supervisor has a wishy-washy feel Construction Director sounds too bossy Project Administrator too removed and aloof

You see? its difficult to put across to my potential clients a name that they would recognise yet sets me apart from hundreds of others out there claiming to offer what I can and do. Got It!!! From now maybe I should call myself - Vince Holden - Project Leader and Administrator of Needs and Knowledge. Mmmm not sure about the acronym though. Suppose I will have to stick to CPM then...

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