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5 reasons why a Build Consultant could save your project.

This is a common question as most people have not even thought about the notion of a Build Consultant. These 5 reasons are by no means exclusive but have been chosen to give you an overall understanding of how a Build Consultant could help you.

1. To help select the right people to work on your project.

Choosing the correct professional, architect or builder is a difficult task that required experience and knowledge.

2. To make sense of all the information being created by and transferred between the designers, regulators, builders and clients.

Construction methods and performance requirements are forever evolving so up to date knowledge is essential.

3. To oversee the processes and methods being used during the building project.

Very few builders and contractors truly understand the essentials such as airtightness and thermal bridging, so regular pricing is required.

4. To manage any disputes, conflicts or suspected wrongdoing by any of the employed team.

Any mediation no matter how large or small requires knowledge, empathy and an understanding of all concerned.

5. To create and supervise the planned schedule of works and budget.

An exact schedule of works or budget plan should be created under the guidance of an experienced professional.

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