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Guildway - Timber Frame

Over the past year, I have received over half a dozen different enquiries regarding Guildway Bungalows, one of which resulted in my managing the complete refurb of two for a school in Sussex.

Guildway were a timber frame manufacturer prevalent in the 1970’s and 1980’s and it was with a Reading based company who built them, that I firstly completed my carpentry and Joinery apprenticeship but more importantly started my knowledge and passion for timber frame construction that is still with me today.

Although at the time, Guildway were probably the pioneers of what is now known as open panel timber frame, apart from vastly improved insulation and airtightness measures, not very much has changed regarding timber engineering and mechanics.

Based in Guildford, to the best of my knowledge Guildway Homes were just about the only company supplying the concept of timber frame system build at the time, and since they were (for their time) extremely well manufactured I am not surprised to hear of the existence of many around the south of England.

I spent over 12 years as a young man working on them (the construction company that I worked for only constructed Guildway Homes) and subsequently spent the remainder of my 45 year construction career involved in one way or another with timber frame construction.

Clearly, they are regularly changing hands and my advice sought as to the construction and insulation characteristics over the past few years.

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