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Why an Ebook Store?

The idea for the Ebook store came from my experience that no two self builds are the same, so wouldn’t it be useful if Mr & Mrs Selfbuild could cherry pick the information that is pertinent to their own build, and their own knowledge. The idea is that a person could create their own specific “book”, by only including the chapters that is of interest to them and their project.

Think of it as going into a sandwich shop and choosing your own bread type and fillings:-

Could I please have a “Understanding the Timber Frame Superstructure” with a slice of “Why do I need a Structural Engineer” and a portion of “Managing Demolition works” with a spoon of “Insulation: Different Types and Uses”. Oh and I will have a “VAT for Self-Builders” to go.

The articles are written by someone who knows what they are talking about (yours truly) and understands the nuances of construction workers – see “The Humble Subbie”.

Some of the Ebooks are individual chapters as included in my hard copy Self Build Project Management books, and others are articles providing accurate but user friendly information, in convenient sized chunks, that will not bog you down with superfluous technicalities.

If, for example, you are renovating and extending your home, you are probably not particularly interested in Soil surveys or Building Warranty; so you don’t choose those chapters. Likewise, if you have extended your previous home and want to understand which ingredients are required to contemplate a new build house, only choose the chapters that provide the important right now information. You can then re-visit the store later and add to your personal “book”.

The contents of the store will continue to grow but I have also offered the opportunity for anyone visiting the Ebook store but not finding what they are looking for, to contact me and I will gladly create a bespoke filling for them.

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