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What is a Project Manager?

When you first plan your build, you might be forgiven for assuming you can undertake the entire role of project manager yourself. But, with many of us negotiating modern life; balancing a full time career with caring for a family and maintaining some level social activity it can quickly become apparent that the role is far more demanding than we had anticipated and, that fitting it into the time we (don’t) have becomes near impossible. It is only with keeping a wary eye on everything, that the build will run smoothly.

A professional project manager ensures that the right person is in the right place, doing the right job, with the right materials, for the right cost, at the right time. It may seem as though most people would know ‘where they needed to be’ or ‘what they needed to be doing’ but it’s never quite that simple…

A good Project Manager is able to communicate with contractors (and other stakeholders) on their level, whilst understanding the actual mechanics inside and out.

From working with building control and conservation officers to managing amendments and issues with the design team, the project manager’s role is varied. They are often enlisted to ensure that each minute detail has been planned for, utilizing their experience in running building projects to ensure minimal delays and satisfactory completion. Often overlooked, small details can have a significant ‘knock on’ effect to the entire project; from scheduling appointments at the architect’s office to visiting the builder’s merchant to choose bricks.

Aside from being skilled in the operational aspects of a build and having extensive technical knowledge, the project manager needs to be passionate about the project, enthusiastic about the end result and be able to motivate whilst maintaining discipline.

A job certainly not for the faint-hearted, project management can be undertaken, in part, by you but, unless you have many years’ experience in construction – both in the mechanics and the management – there will be elements where you will require knowledgeable help.

Holden Management Services proudly provides expert project management services tailored to suit each client. At the helm of the company is Vince Holden MCIOB, a Chartered Construction Manager with over 40 years of practical experience behind him. Vince has lead numerous projects and has a vast portfolio of successful completions, he has also written and published two Self-Build Guide Books and released an Ebook Store with over 60 titles covering all aspects of a self-build project.

To find out how Vince Holden MCIOB can help you with your Project Management requirements,

get in touch.

+44 (0) 118 948 5168

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